Welcome Back Grandpa

Tonight Rick is arriving for a visit until Wednesday. We’re excited to have him out, and we have no agenda other than to hang out and relax. I’m glad he’s going to get some quality time with the girls, and I have a week off school starting today, so the timing is perfect.

School has been going well lately and I’m starting to learn some pretty cool stuff. It’s been requiring more time than ever, so I’ve been having a babysitter come over once a week just to get some un-interrupted study time. We’ve all been so busy lately and then suddenly you realize its November and Ava’s birthday is only two weeks away. Last year at this time we were getting ready to host Thanksgiving and then move back to Seattle a week later. Can’t believe how quickly this year has passed, but I’m glad because it means I’ve only got 8 more months of school.

Jessica just got approval to take Christmas Eve off so we’re buying plane tickets to go to Colorado that morning. We’re going to hang out at Amy and Tom’s place until the 30th; probably do some snowboarding and enjoy a white Christmas in the mountains. There’s a chance that I’ll be able to take an unofficial vacation the week between Christmas and New Years, which is what they did last year, but worst case scenario I’ve got just enough vacation saved up. Either way we can’t wait to get out there. Joel and Melanie are coming so I’m looking forward our annual night on the town.

I’m sure we’ll have some new pics and updates after Rick’s visit. We’re getting together with Butch and Carol on Tuesday so that should be fun. We’ve also got some pictures of Elise from Leon coming soon. I’m excited that he’ll be taking pictures at Ava’s birthday party. Speaking of the birthday party, I’m going to start cooking next weekend. This will be my first attempt at homemade ravioli; I’ve got to do my Aunt Norma and Gigi proud.

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