Pictures from Mom

My Mom has been going through some old pictures lately and sent me a few that I had to post. The first two are from 1955 when she was less than a year old, then you have the picture from her 25th class reunion, which one of my all–time favorites. Finally there is a picture of my parents in Las Vegas on July 9th, 1979. They were on vacation with friends and went to see the comedian Buddy Hackett that night. They sat in the front row and were picked on by Buddy for the entire show. He threw every old man young girl joke he could think of at them and they just had to sit there and take it. I had never seen this picture before today and I love it.

My Mom is getting ready to make a trip out here next week and deliver her Honda Accord to us. We’re going to borrow it for a few years while I’m in school. I haven’t had a car since we left Seattle so I’m really excited, and I have to thank my Mom for doing so much work on the car to get it in excellent shape before bringing it. I keep trying to get her to let us handle the repairs but she won’t budge. She is so good to us. I can’t describe how much I appreciate everything she does for us. Love you Mom!

Mom at 3 months old
My Mom at 3 months old. I definitely see some Ava in there.

Mom as a baby with Nana
Mom as a baby with Nana.

Mom at her 25th Class Reunion
Mom at her 25th Class Reunion. Beautiful!

Mom and Dad in Vegas - July 9, 1979
My parents in Vegas – July 9, 1979

Sick day

I called in sick at work today for the first time in about 2.5 years. I’m not sick in the traditional sense but my back is absolutely killing me due to all the moving, painting and cleaning we’ve been doing for the past two weeks. Yesterday I made it to work and was in a lot of pain all day long, then had to meet Jessica and Ava at the Pacific Beach house to do more cleaning after work. It’s been like that every day for two weeks straight and it’s taking it’s toll on both of us. Riding the motorcycle with a bad back is not very safe because you can’t turn your head far enough to look over your shoulder when changing lanes. Yesterday I had to rely on my mirrors only and I don’t like riding that way. I’m bummed because I was supposed to play basketball at lunch today with friends from work but there’s no way I could have played; I’m having a hard enough time walking. Tonight I have to meet Steve, our PB landlord, to look over the house and see if anything else needs to be cleaned or fixed. We’ve worked really hard on the place and are returning it in better condition than we received it in, so we’re expecting a full refund on our security deposit. I’m meeting him today because if he sees anything he doesn’t like we have a couple more days to fix it before handing over the keys. I won’t have to ride the bike tonight to meet him so that’s a plus.

Jessica is spending the day at he PB house doing the final cleaning touches and babysitting Malena while Lauren gets her hair done, which means I get to spend the day at home with Ava. She had a really rough night last night, waking up three times. Jessica is exhausted today and I felt bad to see her go back for more cleaning but at least she only has one baby on her hands instead of two. Ideally I’ll show the house to Steve tonight and he will say that it looks perfect. Then I can give him the keys and be done moving. Keep your fingers crossed!

Loving the laundry basket

Ava 4 months old today!

We get to celebrate Ava’s fourth month of life today by spending our first full day in our new home. Most of the day was spent unpacking boxes and getting things organized. Costco is dangerously close and I found myself there for the third day in a row. Jessica is working tonight and it’s raining outside so I’m relaxing at home with Ava and the dogs. I’ll be completing my final assignment for my web development class tonight, then I get almost two weeks off school. I start my first programming course next quarter so I’m excited for that. It’s going to be easy but it’s the kind of stuff that I enjoy studying these days so it should be fun. We’ve got the keys at the Pacific Beach house until the end of March so we’ve got all week to clean and paint. The place was awfully dirty when we moved in two years ago so there’s no question we’ll be returning it in better condition than we received it in. This has been a really long week so it feels great to be relaxing at home watching hoops with my baby.

The joy of moving

Jessica and I have been moving into our new house all week and we’re nearing completion. Each day has gotten progressively longer and more exhausting, but after tomorrow we’ll be at least 90% finished. We met with Amelia on Tuesday afternoon to sign the lease and get the keys, then we made two trips that night after I got home from work. Wednesday evening we made three trips, and last night we made four trips. So far Ava hasn’t been very accommodating; she cries constantly while we’re loading and unloading the car and there’s really nothing we can do besides hurry.

Last night after our third trip we decided to stop at a Mexican restaurant for dinner. Ava was perfectly content to sit there and look around, but as soon as our food arrives she starts crying. Jessica and I were exhausted and hungry so we had no choice but to eat in shifts while one of us tries to calm Ava down. By the time I got home from the fourth trip I was so tired I don’t even remember going to bed. I was probably asleep before my head hit the pillow.

Tonight Jessica is working so I’m going to be watching Ava and making trips to the house to unload more stuff. My fingers are crossed that she’ll be good and won’t cry but I’m not really expecting that to happen. Tomorrow morning we’ve got the Uhaul truck and the help of Jaime and Evan from my work for moving furniture. I’ve also got the Directv and Cox Internet guys coming out to set everything up. Should be another long day but after that all we need to do is clean the old house, and we’ve got a week to do it.

I should mention that the new house looks amazing! Everyday there’s people over there working on it and they’re doing an outstanding job. This is easily the nicest house we’ve lived in and I’m excited to spend the next few years there. I’ll be recording a video tour of the house and posting it here as soon as we get unpacked. Until then…

Ava left handed?

Ava’s new favorite activity is sucking her thumb. She can’t always make the thumb–mouth connection, so she gets pretty happy when she does, and we couldn’t help but notice that it’s always her left thumb that she’s working on. Jessica also pointed out that her grip in her left hand is stronger than her right, so we’ll see. We both think it would be cool for her to be a lefty since neither of us are. We’re signing the lease and getting the keys to our new place tomorrow so the moving fun begins. Can’t wait until it’s all over and we’re comfortably settled in our new home.

Jessica & Ava back home

Last night Jessica and Ava arrived safe and sound from Colorado. Their flight was 20 minutes late, so they didn’t get in until 10:40pm, and I was at the wrong baggage claim (shocking), plus Jessica’s cell phone battery was almost dead, so finding each other was a bit challenging, but eventually we figured it out. She said Ava was perfect on the plane once again, which is great, but as soon as she left the airport she started screaming bloody murder and didn’t stop for a couple hours. We’ve never seen her this inconsolable before and it was heart breaking. She’s drooling a lot so we’re pretty sure she’s getting her first tooth. We researched it online and found that teeth can start arriving anywhere between 3 months and a year, so she’s on the early end… again. She has a checkup this coming week so we’ll be sure to talk to the doctor about it.

We’re meeting with Amelia, our new landlord, on Tuesday to sign the lease and get the keys to our new house. We’ve got twelve days to complete this move, which is going to be nice. The brunt of it will be a week from today when we have the moving truck and the help of my friends Jaimie and Evan from work, but we can get all the little stuff done in our SUV on the weekdays. I can’t believe we’re finally going to get some modern amenities back like a microwave, a dishwasher, and a garage! Beach living was fun, but we’re more than ready to move on. Jessica has the day off today so we can relax at home on a rainy St. Patty’s day and watch movies. So glad to have my girls home.

Going home today

Today I’m going home to San Diego. In about an hour Amy will be driving Joel, Melanie, and myself down the mountain to the Denver airport. Unfortunately I’m going home alone because I have to get back to work tomorrow, but I’m glad Jessica will be able to visit with her Aunt and Grandparents, and especially glad that they will all finally get to meet Ava. Hopefully we won’t be separated again anytime soon, but it’s fine for now. I’m definitely looking forward to getting back to the warm San Diego weather, and I can’t wait to see Bruno and Bella! The trip started out a little rough for me this year, mostly because I got altitude sickness for the first time on Friday. It’s never really bothered me in years past but I didn’t drink enough water this time and it really affected me. I had a headache and stomach ache all day on Friday but after taking a nap and hydrating it all went away.

Friday night Jessica and I went out for dinner with Joel and Melanie while Amy and Tom stayed home with Ava. We had a nice dinner, then went to a couple bars to play pool and hang out. The rest of the time was very relaxing. We spent most of it just hanging out, eating, watching sports and movies, and getting caught up. Derrick and Emily showed up on Saturday with their son Cole, who just started walking a few weeks ago. It’s hard to believe that Ava will be there in the next year. Jessica’s Grandparents and Aunt Betsy left Iowa today and are driving this way. They should be arriving here on Wednesday afternoon.

The other exciting news of the weekend is that we found our new home. We’ve been renting a small house in Pacific Beach for the last two years, but with the arrival of our first child, we’ve outgrown the place and need something larger. We went out and looked at the place last Monday and really liked it, but there was already someone ahead of us with an application. Luckily they fell through and we ended up getting the place! We’re not ready to buy a home yet but we plan on being there for at least the next two years. The home is in La Mesa, which is exactly 20 miles east of our home in Pacific Beach. It’s a great family neighborhood that reminds me very much of the neighborhood I grew up in. There’s a nice park less than a block from the house, plus Lake Murray is only about 5 minutes away. Tons of shopping, restaurants, easy freeway access, and a Costco within 5 minutes made it the perfect location for our growing family. We decided to give ourselves a week to move in by paying rent at both houses for the final week of March, that way we don’t have to cram everything into one hellacious day. Spreading it out may be a little more expensive, but with a baby on board, it’s so much more convenient and worth it.

Here’s a few of my favorite pictures from last night’s family photo session:

Taken this morning before I left for the airport.

Made it to Colorado

Today we flew from San Diego to Denver for our annual family get together at Tom and Amy’s house in the Rocky Mountains. It was hard to leave San Diego considering how beautiful the weather was, but we’re very happy to be here. I was expecting it to be freezing in Colorado but it’s actually not bad. Our precious Ava was so good during her first flight. We expected her to sleep the whole time but as it turned out she never closed her eyes, and never made a sound. Joel and Melanie have been here since Saturday, Tom got in right before us so we rode up the mountain with him, then we have Derrick, Emily and Cole coming on Saturday. Jessica’s grandparents and her Aunt Betsy are coming out on Wednesday but I’ll be gone by then. Not looking forward to going home without my girls but I’m happy that the rest of the family will finally get to meet Ava. Hoping to get out on the slopes tomorrow and do some snowboarding. This trip is something I look forward to every year so it should be a great weekend!

House Hunting

Last time we had a post titled "House Hunting" it was because I had to hunt down a possum in our house and shoot it to death with my air pistol. This post will be slightly less dramatic. We put in notice at our home in Pacific Beach a couple weeks ago and have been searching for a house daily. We haven’t found anything so far but today was encouraging. I spoke with a landlord of a home today that sounds awesome. I won’t get into the details yet but we have an appointment to see the place tomorrow evening after work. I will say that it has everything we’re looking for on paper and it’s within our budget so we’ll see what happens.

The weather this weekend has been the best we’ve had in several months – mid 70’s and sunny. Yesterday I went for a walk with Ava strapped to my chest in the baby bjorn, and both dogs on leashes. Needless to say my hands were full, and I received more than my fair share of curious looks from strangers driving by, but it was fun. Today we enjoyed the beautiful weather by driving around in the morning looking for houses, then took Ava and the dogs for a walk in the afternoon.

Jessica is working tonight so Ava and I will be home watching basketball. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll have some good news about our next home! Here’s a couple new pics of Ava.