Surfing with Seals

I went surfing at Tourmaline Beach this morning. Tourmaline is one of the most famous longboarding spots in California, and luckily for me it’s only a mile or two from our house. I caught my first wave and paddled back out beyond the break to wait for the next set. While sitting there on my board looking out to see, all of the sudden a full-sized adult seal popped up from under water, literally less than six feet from me! It startled me, and for a second I was worried that it might be aggressive, but there was nothing to worry about. It just layed there on it’s back and looked at me. Several other people noticed the seal and started commenting on it, but no one was nearly as close to it as I was. I playfully splashed it with water a couple times and it didn’t seem to care one way or another. I then tried to paddle over to get a little closer and it swam away. A few minutes later a big set came through and I caught the biggest wave I’ve had in a while. Nice way to start my day.

Lunch with Dana & Brad

My sister Dana and her husband Brad were in Southern California this weekend for a work conference so I rode my bike up to Temecula Wine Country to meet them for lunch today. I’d never been out there before and was surprised at how beautiful it was. It was a bit hot to be on a bike with a leather jacket and gloves (100 degrees) but more than worth it to be able to visit with them. I’ve still got my fingers crossed that they will end up moving down here after Kallan graduates from High School. Tomorrow we’re heading to the beach with friends for the day, so it should be a great day off!